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As I Explain In My Discussion Of Preventative Maintenance

Living on our little peninsula, water is always some part of our day– commuting over one of the many bridges, boating, or enjoying a day at the beach.

But water, when it gets where it shouldn’t be, can cause us lots of huge problems. Yes, hurricanes and flooding are the big threats, but what about the rotting soffit, the sagging drywall under the living room window, or that little stream of water coming from under the water heater?

What to do about those little water problems?

My extensive prior experience in restaurant management has equipped me with an automatic eye for catching and fixing little problems before they become big, expensive ones, especially when it comes to water damage.

This is the difference between a manageable repair bill and a nightmare of discovery, costly remediation and new construction, and dealing with multiple adjustors and contractors.

Keep your relationship with water on friendly terms.

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