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About Preventive Maintenance

Before going into business for myself, I worked in restaurants as everything from a dishwasher to a District Maintenance Technician for 33 stores. Later, I went into management, working my way up to District Manager. In the various restaurant concepts I managed, I was always recognized for keeping Repair & Maintenance costs consistently low. How did I do this? Well, I had learned early on that it’s MUCH cheaper NOT to ignore that little water leak, or the weird noise coming from the ice machine, when it first arises.

In other words, Preventative Maintenance was a key element of my management approach. My experience in taking over a new store would go like this: After the first month, I would have reviewed the entire operation, including the care and maintenance of the facility itself. That initial assessment generally led to significant repair bills up front, depending on how long problems had been left untreated. But after that, our repair & maintenance costs stayed so reliably low that I got calls from other managers saying “You’re R&M is amazing! How do you do that?”

Let me show you how I can apply this approach to saving you a lot of unnecessary maintenance and repair costs.