Tools Skillman


I HATE Cheap! Cheap Tools, Cheap Materials, Shoddy Workmanship.

My work in restaurants took me all over the Tampa Bay area; Largo, Brandon, Port Richey, etc. All this time, I was remodeling either my previous house in Clearwater, or my current house in New Port Richey. This gave me the gift of being able to check out all kinds of retail outlets for home improvement supplies for kitchen, bathroom or basically the whole home renovations.

To the point; I HATE cheap! Cheap tools, cheap materials, shoddy workmanship. That said, I just LOVE less expensive. I know where to get high quality materials at lower prices, all over the Bay area. On the labor side, I have no desire to compete to be the ‘cheapest’ quote you get. And I would assume you do not want cheap quality in your home either.

I know contractors generally mark up their materials 25-30%. I encourage my customers to obtain their own materials (using my recommendations, if necessary) I then provide miscellaneous items (caulk, fasteners, etc.) at a markup of just 15%, as part of my total price.

Because I came up in this field doing work for myself, my restaurant, or my friends, I automatically look for ways to do things less expensively. NOT cheaply!

I have worked on almost any kind of home renovation project. Projects like, kitchen cabinet repair, kitchen cabinet replacement, bathroom remodel, tile replacement and or repair, water damage repair and more.